We're Cousy

Brilliant knits since 1924

Knitting is in the Cousy family’s blood. For five generations, knitwear has been developed and produced in hometown Zottegem.
In 1920, Hector Cousy founded the first studio. In the following 100 years, several family members followed in his footsteps.
Son Louis provides the first electronically driven machines. His son André with wife Lucile starts custom-made knitted suits and starts exporting to neighbouring countries.
Brothers Ludo and Wim make the complete switch to high-end designer knitwear. And currently, daughter Trees continues the business.
Team Cousy employs 45 people in a variety of disciplines. Programmers, administrative assistants, knitters, garment workers, coordinators and warehousemen.
Because of the family nature, everyone here comes in contact with everyone.
Because of our niche, the Cousy team is very diverse, so you can hear as many as 11 different languages in the workplace. Dutch, English and French are the daily used languages.